Petronet LNG Limited gets Global CSR Awards

Global CSR Awards organised by the Energy And Environment Foundation recognise and honour outstanding organisations that are taking responsibility for defining a commercial future by adding value based on the ethics & values of corporate citizenship, transparent accountability, life cycle stewardship, strategic sustainability and conducting fair business in a disciplined manner that delivers a shared future for all stakeholders through commitment.

Petronet LNG Ltd has been awarded  with the Global CSR Awards. It was a moment of great pride when  Mr. A. K. Chopra ,VP (HR/PR)  along with Mr. Anupam Kripesh, CM(Coordination & CSR) received this esteemed award from Mr. Anil Razdan,  Former Secretary, Ministry of Power, Government of India. It was a gathering marked by presence of renowned dignitaries and peers who had all gathered with lot of enthusiasm, to honour Global Excellence Awards.

Petronet LNG, as responsible Corporate/Community/Government Citizens, undertake Socio-Economic Development Programme to supplement the efforts to meet priority needs of the community with the aim to help them become self-reliant. These efforts  are generally around our work centres mostly in the areas of Education, Civil Infrastructure, Healthcare, Sports & Culture, Entrepreneurship in the Community. Petronet LNG also support Water Management and Disaster Relief in the country thereby help to bolster its image with key stakeholders.

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