Petronet to supply gas for power generation                              

Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Murli Deora reaffirmed the continued cooperation of the Central Government with its Delhi counterpart remarking that they ?are committed to supporting Delhi.? Deora was speaking to reporters at the signing of a MoU between the power agencies of the Delhi government, IPGCL and PPCL, and central agency Petronet.

The deal would make avail- able 10 million metric stan- dard cubic meters (MM- SCMD) of liquefied natural gas per day to Delhi from 2009, an amount that can generate 2000 MW of power for the city . A grateful chief minister Sheila Dikshit said she want- ed to hug Deora for the largesse. To this, Deora quipped: ?Don?t crush me.? Dikshit said Delhi had wanted to set-up its own power plant for the last eight years but had not been able to do so as ?all doors were closed on us?. She said due to no availability of gas, Delhi had remained a power-starved state, a situation that would now change. ?We no longer have to depend on others for power.

From 2009-10, generation capacity would be well equipped to meet the demands of the city .? The cost of generating each unit of electricity would be more than Rs 3 per unit. ?Gener- ation cost from gas based power plants are more as compared to the thermal or hydro based plants,? said Power Minister Ha- roon Yusuf. He then hastened to add that Delhi has been buying power at even Rs 6 per unit in peak hours to meet its demand. ?The great- est benefit would be Delhi?s in- sulation from grid shocks on account of high level of depend- ence on the northern Grid,? the minister added.  

Source: Hindustan Times, October 28, 2006
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