Healthcare and Sanitation

For preventive healthcare, camps are organised in rural areas to identify health issues. As a consequence of the screening medical aid is provided free of cost to the needy.
Support is also provided for maintenance of hygienic conditions by sponsoring sanitation projects. Some notable projects are mentioned below:
  • Luvara Village near our Dahej Terminal has been adopted by the Company for all round development. We are supporting the community in the areas of infrastructure, sanitation, drinking water, Primary Health Care, solar lights, education, skill development, women empowerment etc.
  • 12 Eye screening and cataract operation camps organised in partnership with Anugraha Drishtidaan, an NGO specialising in this area. Details of the beneficiaries are:
    • 5230 patients screened and medically examined
    • 2830 number of OPD patients given medicines
    • 2971 numbers of OPD patients given spectacles
    • 849 cases identified for cataract surgeries
    • 681 patients were operated successfully
  • 8 Medical camps held in association with Chaupal and the beneficiaries are:
    • 16300 patients examined & free medicines distributed
    • 8200 patients eye tested for refractive errors
    • 2112 patients were dispensed free spectacles
    • Free hearing aids, wheelchairs, crutches, lumbar belts and knees caps were provided to needy persons
  • Full financial support provided to operate Primary Health Centre at Luwara village. Doctors & Nurses are available to attend to patients and medicines are distributed free of cost. Awareness programs are also held by specialists in different areas for the education and benefit of the villagers.
  • Sponsored purchase of two ambulances in PHC of Pahkajan village, Dahej and in NCR Delhi.
  • 1000 cataract operations will be performed through Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mathura District in 2014 - 15

    Sponsored construction of two rooms in Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Kochi. The hospital will now operate from the new premises.
  • Cancer screening of 1000 BPL persons in East Delhi slums in association with Indian Cancer Society. Treatment of positive cases taken up.
  • Sponsored blood bank refrigerator and supported blood transfusion charges for one year for Thalassemia patients of The Indian Association of Blood Cancer & Allied Diseases, Kolkatta
  • Sponsored 3 blood collection monitors and 2 bench top sealers for Rotary Blood Bank, New Delhi.
  • Support for purchase of ultra sound equipment, construction of canteen and rainbasera for General Hospital, Bharuch
  • 25 household toilets constructed for 25 BPL families in Puthuvypeen, Kochi.
  • 172 household toilets to be constructed to achieve 100% sanitation in Luwara village
  • 13 toilets being constructed in Government School, Luwara.

    8 toilets renovated in Rajkiya Madhmik Vidyalaya, village Lakarpur, Haryana
  • Sponsored purchase of two lifter trucks for Bharuch Municipality for their "Green Bharuch Clean Bharuch" campaign under the overall Swatch Bharat campaign.
  • Toilets in 8 Schools in Ernakulam District taken up for construction under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • 5 Schools identified with Commissioner, East Delhi Municipal Corporation for construction of 30 toilets
  • Construction of 5000 litres x 2 nos. above ground horizontal sintex tanks water facility within village Luvara, Dahej to facilitate pure drinking water
  • Contribution to 'Mataria Talav drinking water project' of the Bharuch Municipality Corporation. This project is for the supply of sweet drinking water from the Narmada River to the residents of Bharuch city.

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