Admn. exploring feasibility of LNG usage in isles

In its quest for affordable alternative energy sources for replacing fuels like diesel, the A & N Administration had asked Petronet LNG Ltd. to study the feasibility of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Islands. The A&N Administration has entered into an agreement with Petronet LNG Ltd to undertake a feasibility study at their cost. Petronet is a joint venture comprising of public sector undertakings of the Govt. of India such as ONGC, IOC, Bharat Petroleum and Gas Authority of India as well as GDF SUEZ and the Asian Development Bank, with the Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum, Govt. of India, Mr. Vivek Rae as Chairman. An initial presentation was made to the Lt Governor today by the Managing Director, Dr. A K Balyan and his team at Raj Niwas where Chief Secretary and other senior officers were present. Prior to this, the Petronet team had discussed with the Chief Secretary and officials of the Power Department. This presentation brought out the advantages of usage of Liquefied Natural Gas over other liquid fuels such as low costs as well as no environmental pollution. The presentation also highlighted the importance of this source of energy as an alternative for the power requirements of these Islands, suggesting phased replacement of the obsolete diesel generating sets used by the Electricity Department. Simultaneously, the A&N Administration has also asked The Energy and Research Institute (TERI) to conduct a feasibility study on alternative, renewable sources of energy.

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Source: Port Blair
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