Petronet LNG profit rises 7.8% on higher efficiency

Petronet LNG Ltd has reported a 7.8 per cent jump in its net profit for the first quarter of the current fiscal. The company's net profit for the quarter stood at Rs 111.37 crore against Rs 103.31 crore in the same quarter last year.

Net sales for the quarter fell to Rs 2,525.95 crore (Rs 2,612.38 crore) According to the company; this jump in net profit was mainly due to increased efficiency in its operations. This bottom line performance came despite an additional depreciation of Rs 20.52 crore and interest expense of Rs 25.70 crore. The additional depreciation and interest expense are on account of expansion of Dahej LNG terminal to 10 mpta in July 2009, the company said.

Source: Business Line, Delhi, 30th July 2010
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