20th AGM - Annual Report 2017-18 | Details of Shareholders whose shares have been transferred to IEPF A/c

Our Vision
"To be a key energy provider to the nation by leveraging company's unique position in the LNG value chain alongwith an international presence."
What's New
Petronet in Media
Dir.(F) speaks on fall in prices of liquefied natural gas - Apr 05, 2019
See 5% tariff hike in Jan aid topline; no renewal contracts pending: MD & CEO - Sep 27, 2017
We are expanding capacity: Petronet LNG: Dir.(F) - Apr 14, 2017
Whatever's been going on in international market in the gas sector is good for India: MD & CEO - Dec 22, 2016
  • Create and manage world class LNG infrastructure
  • Pursue synergetic business growth opportunities
  • Continue excellence in LNG business
  • Maximize value creation for the stakeholders
  • Maintain highest standards of business ethics and values
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